Cheryl Crow , run baby run

She was born in November 1963
The day Aldous Huxley died
And her mama believed
That every man could be free
So her mama got high, high, high
And her daddy marched on Birmingham
Singing mighty protest songs
And he pictured all the places
That he knew that she belonged
But he failed and taught her young
The only thing she's need to carry on
He taught her how to

Run baby run baby run baby run
Baby run

Past the arms of the familiar
And their talk of better days
To the comfort of the strangers
Slipping out before they say
so long
Baby loves to run

She counts out all her money
In the taxi on the way to meet her plane
Stares hopeful out the window
At the workers fighting
Through the pouring rain
She's searching through the stations
For an unfamiliar song
And she's pictures all the places
Where she knows she still belongs
And she smiles the secret smile
Because she knows exactly how
To carry on

So run baby run baby run baby run
Baby run

From the old familiar faces and
Their old familiar ways
To the comfort of the strangers
Slipping out before they say
So long
Baby loves to run

4 ripostes trèès percutantes:

Witee 21 octobre 2007 à 17:18  

J'adore cette chanson!
Ca faisait un bye que je ne l'avais pas écoutée, j'ai pris un plaisir fou !
Merci :D

david santos 22 octobre 2007 à 02:10  

Le terrorisme nord-américain la tué aujourd'hui plus 19 Irakiens innocents. 8 enfants, 7 femmes et 4 hommes. Ils étaient tous à sa maison à dedormir.
Le terrorisme nord-américain continue à tuer des innocents.
Le monde honnête et ait exempté ce que finira avec le terrorisme nord-américain.
David Santos

mariouma 25 octobre 2007 à 12:06  

aya béhi saha saha
ravie que ça te plaise
merci d'etre passé

lasnumberone 25 octobre 2007 à 19:45  

merci mariouma pour ta visite, j'espère que l'occasion se presente pour discuter plus. biz

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